shooting Lee Ann was such a rewarding experience. we visited Tampa's botanical garden, and although we had a conceptual idea ready, we didn't know what to expect as we had never been to the garden before. we ended up exploring around for hours until our feet gave up.
we spoke at extent about the vulnerabilities of the human psyche, and how internal and external stressors in our lives affects us mentally. it was great to listen to her views and how she kept her head high while going through some tough situations in her life.
we found an old rocking chair around and pulled it next to a bush to capture the highlights on the background. i personally feel it gives it so much punch.
we wrapped up things by shooting next to a cactus, which we were both trying not to get stung by while pre-posing for the shot. no backs suffered any pain during the process.
can't wait to go exploring again together and see what new things we come up with and create.
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